Ever walk into a new studio and just feel new? Don’t know who to talk to? Are you supposed to check-in? Is there a waiver? Did you forget your towel? Were you supposed to bring one? What is actually going to happen in this class you signed up for? There are hundreds of questions racing through your mind and you have that lost in the frost look glued to your face. It’s uncomfortable, and we’ve all been there.

With that in mind, I realized that I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way. #SweatDate was created to help new users get a grip on what they are about to jump into.  Don’t get me wrong, blind dating fitness can be an adventure but for those of you that don’t appreciate that on the regular, we’re here to make it an easy decision! Think of us like Tinder, with more info and fewer requests to see your bits.  

A #SweatDate is an in-depth look at a studio that I personally visit. I actually take the class and share point-blank what happens. This means that you get the inside scoop with a short video, synopsis and some sweet pics without ever having to leave your house. My goal is to get you the facts so you can decide for yourself whether it’s a match!

The Charlotte fitness scene is so diverse that I promise if you’re just getting off the couch for the first time in ten years or you’re a pro athlete, you will find something to light your fire and get you back on the train!

With over 50+ studios under our belt and more to come, there’s bound to be one that pushes your comfort zone. We challenge you to be brave, strap in with a smile, and try them all because life’s an adventure waiting to happen!

Sweat on Queen City