Q: How do I get you guys to come out to my Gym?
A: Just contact us! If you’re in the Charlotte area we would love to make it out there!

Q: How much do you charge to film / post a #SweatDate video?
A:  It is 100% free.  We don’t charge for our base level work.

Q: How long does it take to film?
A: We film a real class. No lights, no scripts. We want to keep it as real and representative as possible. We will be 15-30 minutes early and stay for about 15-30 minute afterwards.

Q: How soon will you edit/post the video?
A: We work on a first in line basis.  We can do 1 week delivery for a small fee.

Q: How many people will see the video?
A: It depends. Our video will be published to our 8,500+ Instagram Followers and 2,000+ Website Subscribers. Typically a video will receive over 2,000 views from local Charlotte readers within the first day.

Q: Can we pay to promote the video?
A:  Currently, we are only accepting promotional payments BEFORE the video is posted. We will use paid promotion on Facebook and Instagram to increase the audience size.

Q: Can we pay you to post content?
A: Currently no.  The best way to get us to post is for us to use your product / service.  Invite us and it will probably end up on our social media.

Q: What if I paid you a lot of money to post for us?
A: Still no thank you.

Q:  Do you do photography also?
A:  We can do professional studio photography for you. There is a small fee.

Q: Can I hire you for video work?
A: If you want to. There are many very talented production companies and teams around Charlotte that do amazing work.  If you like the way our stuff works – contact us.