Strong Vibes at Vibe5

Vibe5 is one of the newest yoga studios to open here in Charlotte. Offering a little bit of everything (think heated, weights, hip-hop, inversions, bootcamp-esque class and everything in between) Vibe5 offers an array of classes to take you to your edge. We had the opportunity to pop into their “Strong Vibes” class and experienced what yoga and weights is all about. The cardio blast was unexpected but ended up being the perfect addition to the small weights, high rep muscle burnout that I could feel quickly taking over my body. All this while flowing through different yoga sequences, Strong Vibes keeps you on your toes and gives you a full body workout.



Vibe5 boasts a beautiful studio. The floor to ceiling windows make for some incredible lighting that sets the mood. Private showers, mats, all the accessories and amenities you could look for in a studio are here. Vibe5 does an incredible job connecting and building their community, that in just a short time has become something you can feel upon walking in. The staff is friendly, instructors and classmates are judgement free, and the overall vibe is that everyone is here and in it together.

For all things Vibe5 check them out here.