Healthy Eaton

For those of you who know me, you most likely know that I am one of the world’s worst eaters…or the words best eaters depending on your perspective.  When I was training for 3+ hours per day it really didn’t matter what I ate because my body needed it. Fast forward 4 years out of college and now I am working my big-girl job and I have actual responsibilities that don’t include working out HALF as much as I did before — and I still eat the same way.  Oh and to add on-top of that I am dating a food enabler who loves to eat out…

So, needless to say, that all spiraled out of control and nobody prepared me for this real world watch what you eat problem.  That is where my girl Samantha Eaton comes in.  Another one of these goodies that I’ve met while sweating, Samantha is a certified nutritional health coach.  That title is something I would have rolled my eyes at 4 years ago, but what she does is actually incredibly helpful for regular people (like me) who just need a little (or a lot) of guidance when it comes to eating healthy.  She basically will meet you wherever you are in your health goals, whether it is weight loss, meal-prep, cooking guidance or meal planning. She will even walk the aisles of the grocery store with you and educate you on all the food opportunities.

I can’t really say enough nice things about what Samantha offers. While taking that first leap and saying “ok I’m going to do it” may be a little scary, Sam really just becomes your guide along that journey and makes whatever you goal become a lot less daunting and WAY easier. Take a look at her website, checkout the video we got to make with her, and know that the worst case scenario is you ending up with a new friend in Sam (which is pretty awesome).