Core Revolution CyTRX

Tag teaming along the idea of getting back to some of our older studios and dropping in to see what else they’re about is exactly what we did here at Core Revolution. A newly added class, CyTRX is exactly what you might think it to be. Cycle and TRX strength training give you the perfect fusion of cardio and strength in one 60 minute class.

The brainchild of Tara Kimbell and Miki Russ, CyTRX is the combination of these two women’s passions. Recognizing the gap in the market for strength AND cardio in one class, these two developed a class format that values time and helps their clients achieve their goals in one convenient class.

This class is split into 2 parts. 26 minutes of TRX strength followed by a fast and furious 26 minutes of cycle. TRX is a great way to rehab injuries as well as improve overall strength.  Using your body weight to sculpt out muscles, every exercise is a core workout in addition to targeting a larger muscle group(s). There are no prereqs for TRX and every exercise is infinitely scalable to meet and challenge you, at your own personal starting point. Once the burnout sets in with 26 minutes of Tara, you hustle right on over to the spin studio to clip in and get pedaling. Miki wastes no time jumping into spin and you feel your heart rate continue to climb. Adding to the intensity you also get to experience Core Revolution’s unique technology called Spivi. This technology gives you an avatar to virtually see on screen and pedal through your ride in locations around the world.

This class is no nonsense and a great get down to business sweat. If you’re looking to streamline your sweats into one class that will help you burn out strength and cardio, look no further. Come out and lay it all on the line!

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Credits expire in 30 days from date of purchase
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