NC Yoga Bar

NC Yoga Bar is a pop-up yoga community within Charlotte. With awesome and unique locations like the Mint Museum and the McGill Rose Garden, the mother daughter duo behind this Yoga craze teams up with local breweries and unique spaces to bring you an exclusively Charlotte experience.

We dropped into a class at the McGill Rose Garden, just outside uptown heading into Noda and conveniently next door to Birdsong Brewery this past Tuesday and it was incredible. Beginning at 6:30pm (there’s ample parking at Birdsong to just walk over if there’s no parking at the Garden) this beautiful flow led by Carianna Herbert (you can catch her here or at Noda Yoga) was the cherry on top of my day. Outdoors amidst the roses – they smell AH-MAZING, shaded by the trees with a light breeze and the sky above was the perfect setting to unwind and reconnect.

First time yogi’s to advanced we saw students of all levels practicing with us. It is truly a class to take at your own pace with no judgement. Most eyes seemed to be closed as we flowed and between the birds and Carianna’s voice leading us through practice there was a therapeutic calmness to the whole experience. Not to mention topping it off with 1 free pour at Birdsong after class was a real treat. The humans here are real and come from all backgrounds. The ones I got to chatting with were all new to Charlotte and that seems to be a trend at NC Yoga Bar. It’s a great way to meet new people and to get your bearings as a new Charlottean.

While neature is one of my favorite places the mosquito’s love sharing the space with us as well so depending on how generous you’re feeling about being a snack, bring your bug-spray or your oils. I didn’t have anything and while I barely noticed them during practice some can be more sensitive than others.

NC Yoga bar hosts classes all over Charlotte. Check out their schedule and all locations here.