Sweat Cycle

I’ve got a new spin studio for you to try that’s got it’s very own unique spin. (get it? Spin!? — I’m so punny) Uniquely focused on cardio, Sweat Cycle, located in the Park Road Shopping Center is a high-intensity cardio dance party. Think blackout lights and disco balls with bangin’ music and tempo driven rides, you’ll be tappin’, dancin’, pulsin’ and sweatin’ for a heart pumping 45-minute class.
Before this class, I did not think that dancing on a bike was for me. I’m the type that likes to grind hard with heavy resistance and climb till the cows come home. I pictured one of those Facebook ads of an insanity Soul-esque cycle class where riders are bouncing all over the place, the instructor is dancing and in your face, and everyone is in sync repping out moves I never imagined on a bike and honestly, I was nervous about this one. It wasn’t until after the second song that I knew I was in the right place and couldn’t wait to groove my way through the remaining 40 minutes.
The energy is high here and you’re spinning with low resistance, but trust me your heart rate is up, up, up! From my usual spins this was actually a welcome change. The music was motivating and the high tempo continued to encourage me to match the beat with my feet. The lights were off, the party lights were on (not in a seizure sort of way) and we were spinning, tapping, dancing and pedaling our way through class. All the movements were cued seamlessly along with some arm work mixed in and the delightful surprise of Christopher (the instructor) hopping off his bike to come dance and motivate us on the floor. I want to mention that there is a stat board for all my numbers motivated sweaters BUT I honestly paid it no attention and just enjoyed being present and hustling for the duration of class.
As an active recovery or just a solid high intensity low impact cardio sweat, Sweat Cycle is a hidden gem in the sea of Queen City fitness. The studio is intimate and tucked away in the back of the Park Road Shopping Center. The staff is friendly and you’ll find bathrooms, water, apparel and the quaintest old elevator putting the cherry on top of this unique spot. The perfect addition to any fitness regimen or an amazing total body regimen, Sweat is definitely a spin studio to checkout!
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