South Charlotte CrossFit

Here in Charlotte, CrossFit gyms are like breweries – they’re EVERYWHERE and finding the right one for you can be quite the task. While I am still a self-declared CrossFit newbie I found an awesome box (and one of the Charlotte originals) when I got my sweat on at South Charlotte CrossFit.

To lay the groundwork, I scheduled my #SweatDate for the Friday of the last workout aka 17.5 of the CrossFit Open. This once a year event qualifies candidates for The Games aka – not exactly ideal for beginners. But with all the hype (and if you live in Charlotte and heard nothing about the Open during the month of March you live under a bigger rock than I do) and excitement around it I couldn’t help but be a little curious as to what it actually looked like.

South Charlotte CrossFit is in Pineville just behind Three Spirits Brewery. One of Charlotte’s CrossFit OG’s, South Charlotte has a reputation for being competitive, being original and having a die-hard community of CrossFit fanatics. Bringing people of all ages and demographics together, South Charlotte has created a culture of dedicated, competitive and CrossFit loving athletes.  Coming from a lifetime of sweating with these kinds of people, friendly competition and a passion for the sport, I oddly felt at home in a world I know pretty much nothing about.

Walking in was intimidating as hell. Not going to lie. The crew here seemed like regulars and they were all warming up, rolling out and preparing for 17.5. Some were already starting (the workout occurred in rounds) and walking into that I nearly turned around. I was obviously out of place but I found it easy to talk to people and everyone was friendly. I had no idea where anything was and most of the athletes had their own jump ropes etc. but friendly faces and staff helped me find my way and got me set.

Luckily the movements were familiar from my days of swimming and somehow I survived but honestly if you’re looking for a great community, friendly competition and to sweat with motivated, determined, and passionate individuals focused on improvement, South Charlotte might just be the place for you. They welcome newbies to advanced athletes alike and offer free classes and an on-boarding process to familiarize you with the movements and let you experience South Charlotte first hand.

For all things South Charlotte CrossFit check them out here.