Coreology is a low impact, high intensity, cardio, slow twitch muscle fatiguing workout that is different from almost anything else in Charlotte. How, you might wonder, can you do cardio, while moving so slowly? I’ll tell you. Drop into a class and you’ll experience it first hand. It’s a thing. Class started and I clocked my watch and I was hanging in the 120bpm range while shaking and pouring sweat like a fountain.

The motto here is embrace the shake… and shake you will. The slower the better, which from any other kind of fitness I’ve done (other than Pilates) this is the complete opposite of everything else where more is better. The cool part about this workout is that there are days where I leave feeling as if I’ve mastered it all and then there are other days where I feel like I’ve never been on a Megaformer and I can’t believe there are still muscles in my body that I didn’t know existed. And its the varying combinations of class that ensure that you will always be pushing to your edge and working to fatigue.
This is a perfect workout for all levels and all backgrounds. Don’t let the megaformer machines scare you away either. The class is super easy to pick up without any prior experience and if you’re like me, you will have a love hate relationship with this place immediately.
For all things Coreology check them out here.