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Kids are clumsy, especially when they are little, and they fall a lot. New parents might panic the first few times they see their little minion topple over, but it seems like they, the parents, learn relatively quickly “humans are pretty durable.” We are made to fall, get back up again and try doing it a little bit differently. It is this idea of freedom to discover (and fall) that makes Rocket Yoga with Jaimis Huff so empowering and exciting to take.

Rocket Vinyasa is certainly not your average yoga class. But don’t be scared by that. Think upside down, music, falling and playfulness and you’ll find the incredibly empowering class that the Rocket practice is. Charlotte’s own Jaimis Huff has been popping up in yoga studios all over Charlotte to share this practice with those eager to adventure past warrior one and downward dog. For newbies and advanced yogis alike, Jaimis will meet you at your mat and help you accomplish feats you may never have thought were for you.

As a newbie to yoga and Rocket, I can honestly tell you it’s a bad ass practice that will grow your strength, your confidence, and your trust in yourself. At the very least, Jaimis will show you the joy in just “going for it” even if it means falling over every time you try. A lover of full bodied breaths and full bodied reds, this beautiful light of a human enjoys the little things and connecting, inspiring, laughing and playing with others through the practices of yoga (and cupcakes…we may or may not have shared a cupcake after class.)

Looking for more? Today we met Jaimis at Om Yoga in Fort Mill. Om Yoga offers a beautiful and tranquil studio to stretch, relax, and flow. Looking for more than Rocket? Om Yoga offers a full array of yoga classes from hot to power to deep stretch, you’ll find a little bit of everything.

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