Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow – These terms refer to the basic principles applied to Pilates movement. Pilates exercises are done as whole body/mind events. Working with the Pilates Principles helps us bring our full attention to the moves that we do in a low impact and varying intensity.



Coreology is a low impact, high intensity, cardio, slow twitch muscle fatiguing workout that is different from almost anything else in Charlotte. How, you might wonder, can


Iron Butterfly Pilates

Tucked away in the brick buildings of Atherton Mill and Market, this sweat spot, Iron Butterfly Pilates is truly a hidden gem (hidden to me


IM=X Pilates

If you’re looking for some Pilates, check out this fun little spot in South Charlotte. Strength training, lengthening, flexibility, core work and more, working on


Xtend Barre Charlotte

Remember ballet class when you were 10? In those tights that were too tight and those leotards that went straight up your bum? Those days


Hilliard Studio Method

Hilliard Studio Method takes barre up a few notches and utilizes an array of tools to push you to your edge. In an energy charged


HSM | Core

HSM | Core introduces a great way to work your muscles to their edge and get a full body, low impact workout without jumping into